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  • Introducing the New All-In-One Heat Protectant Spray for Hair
  • Introducing the New All-In-One Heat Protectant Spray for Hair

    At Saltair, we believe great hair is for everybody and every body (and every hair type) deserves healthy-looking hair. Our newest addition to our haircare lineup is specifically formulated to focus on visual hair health and maintenance. Hair damage can be preventable if proactive steps are taken and using a heat protectant spray is definitely one of those steps.

    Why Should You Use a Heat Protectant Spray?

    Before understanding the benefits of a heat protectant for hair, we need to first identify the damage caused by thermal styling tools. Hair strands have unique chemical bonds that provide each individual with a natural hair shape. These hydrogen molecular bonds are sensitive to heat and can be modified by thermal styling to temporarily adjust the shape of hair. A blow dryer, curling iron and straightening iron are all examples of heat tools used to style and present an adjusted finished aesthetic hair look. When utilizing these types of tools, we manipulate the natural hair strands in an immediate way that causes the hair cuticle to open and weaken. The hair cuticle is then vulnerable to breakage and exposed to the negative environmental elements we face daily.

    Protecting Healthy Hair from Heat

    Utilizing a protective barrier between hair and the thermal tool keeps the hair cuticle “closed” and intact, thus allowing the temporary protection needed, and as a result, the hair strands look fresh, shiny and frizz-free. In addition, protected hair strands keep their elasticity which prohibits breakage. These benefits equal healthy-looking hair for both immediate and long term results.

    How to Use a Heat Protectant Spray

    You can apply a heat protectant spray a few different ways depending on your intent and styling routine. Avoid frizz and weakened hair strands by spraying the protectant on damp (not fully wet) hair prior to blow drying. Lightly towel dry and then spray 5-7 inches away from hair. You do not want to saturate your hair but just lightly coat it. Comb through prior to blow drying.

    If using a thermal styling tool, lightly apply the spray protectant on dry sections of the hair prior to grabbing the strands with the specialized tool. For thermal tool use, put extra emphasis on the ends that tend to be more dry and damaged than hair roots. If you feel your hair is being weighed down, use less product.

    Lastly, the protectant spray can be applied on dry hair to simply smooth frizz and soften hair as needed.

    No rinsing required! Our Heat Protectant Spray is a leave-in product formulated for all hair types. It must be left on the hair to provide benefits.

    When Should I Use a Heat Protectant Spray?

    You should apply a heat protectant spray every time you use a heat styling tool. Thermal hair styling is essentially hair styling with tools that use heat, such as flat irons, hair straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons.

    Flat irons and hair straighteners usually function in the range of 90-230 °C (190-450°F), while curling irons tend to be within the range of 120-230 °C (250-450°F). Hair dryers typically heat to 25-60°C (80-140°F). Our Saltair Heat Protectant Spray provides up to 450 °F degree thermal protection.

    A heat protectant spray is a temporary barrier so can be applied as needed on clean hair without buildup.

    What Should I Look for in a Heat Protectant Spray?

    When selecting a heat protectant spray you will want to look for not only thermal protection but also benefits like smoothing and antioxidant protection. Hair color fading due to UV radiation from outdoor activities can be reduced. Our Saltair Heat Protectant Spray is a lightweight, all-in-one spray that contains clinically tested ingredients specifically incorporated to provide a barrier to combat damage, strengthen, smooth, add shine, fight frizz and prevent split ends. High-temperature protection and safe for color treated hair are two additional attributes to look for when identifying the right spray for your hair needs.

    Key Ingredients in Saltair’s Heat Protectant Spray

    • BOTANICAL BASED HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYMER - provides thermal protection up to 450°F, helps strengthen, restore shine and control frizz
    • PANTHENOL - helps seal hair cuticle to smooth
    • QUATERNIZED DERIVATIVE OF BARLEY PROTEIN - contains a high level of proline that helps protect hair from heat damage while providing antioxidant protection
    • OIL COMPLEX - hemisqualane, coconut, monoi and pracaxi seed oils nourish and help prevent breakage and split ends
    • ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX - protection against free radical damage on dyed and natural hair to help reduce color fading.

    How Does a Heat Protectant Spray Compare to a Leave-in Conditioner?

    Our Heat Protection Spray contains a blend of materials that envelop the hair strand with a protective barrier specifically designed for heat and UV protection. The product protects the hair from thermal damage while reducing hair color fading from UV exposure. Leave-in Conditioners are not formulated to withstand heat.

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