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    For a long time I was seen as the face of body positivity and in 2015 I had no idea why that was problematic. It wasn’t until I listened to those who had been fighting to create the movement far longer, that I recognized that body positivity is not for me.

    That doesn’t mean that I nor anyone else can’t feel positive about their body. It means that the body positivity movement was created for marginalized bodies and for me - a white, able-bodied cis woman, to take up space and to benefit from the movement, is doing a disservice to the very people that the movement was created for.

    I learned that this movement is actually about body inclusivity and acceptance. I found that my privilege could be used to start conversations around inclusion, and that I could encourage brands to be more diverse in how they represent themselves and how they communicate with their audiences. That is why at our core, Saltair was created for every body, with every skin type in mind. No one should be excluded. No body type should be an afterthought. We are all worthy of being part of a brand and its mission.

    So just know that you’re safe here and know that our products are created for YOU. We want you to be part of Saltair. We don’t need you to change. We want you to show up exactly as you are, everyday. We want you to enjoy the moments of peace, escape and luxury that our loving products give you, your senses, and your skin.

    Thank you for being the best part of Saltair. We love you!

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