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  • How Does Moisture Shampoo Work for Hair?
  • How Does Moisture Shampoo Work for Hair?

    A moisture shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse hair without stripping natural hair lipids. In addition, it provides the lubrication and conditioning needed to minimize hair tangling and breakage, a common concern for dry hair. Dry hair is a term consumers use and encompasses hair stiffness, lack of hair movement, increased frizz, increased tangling, and lackluster or dull looking hair. A moisture shampoo utilizes ingredients that address these concerns while still removing product buildup and sebum from hair and scalp. Dry hair actually stems from the hair losing its hydrophobic or protective coating making it more porous and leaving hair with a more negative charge. Surprisingly, to reduce the symptoms of dry hair, the solution is to restore hydrophobicity, reduce or displace the water content inside the hair shaft, and reduce the negative charge of hair fibers.

    What Hair Types Can Benefit from Moisture Shampoo?

    All hair types can benefit from a moisture shampoo.

    Moisture Shampoo for Fine Hair:

    While our Saltair Moisture Bound Shampoo can soften and smooth thick hair, those with fine hair can also benefit from it. For those concerned about their fine hair being weighed down, use a moisture shampoo and a lightweight conditioner of your choosing rather than using both a moisture shampoo and moisture conditioner as a system. Conditioners are always formulated to be heavier and more conditioning, hence the name, than shampoos. If you have fine hair, start by incorporating a moisture shampoo into your daily routine and use a moisture conditioner as a treatment product as needed.

    Moisture Shampoo for Oily Hair:

    Oil comes from the scalp and not the hair shaft so it is possible to have greasy hair from sebum production but dry or parched hair. Sebum from the scalp can travel down the hair shaft and provide emolliency and shine (sometimes greasiness) but it will not adhere to the damaged areas of the hair like a cationic conditioning ingredient and it may not evenly distribute through the hair leaving the ends dry. A moisture shampoo can benefit the hair shaft and cuticle while properly cleansing the scalp removing excess sebum. Use the moisture shampoo daily to remove excess sebum while still treating your locks.

    Moisture Shampoo for Frizzy Hair:

    Frizzy hair is a symptom of dry hair. When the cuticles are damaged or the hydrophobic layer on the hair is stripped the hair fibers can’t align properly and become much more negatively charged. The negative charge causes the hair fibers to repel from one another and gives unwanted frizzy volume. Hair that has damaged cuticles and a stripped protective coating is also more susceptible to humidity which will cause the hair shaft to swell and take in unwanted water content, resulting in frizz. Emollients like oils in a moisture shampoo can smooth down hair cuticles helping hair fiber alignment and cationic conditioning ingredients can reduce the overall negative charge of hair.

    Moisture Shampoo for Curly Hair:

    Curly hair is notoriously dry as sebum from the scalp can’t travel as easily along the curved hair fibers. Moisture shampoo can help provide cationic conditioning ingredients that adhere to the hair shaft independent of hair structure as well as cleanse with gentle surfactants that won’t result in dry, frizzy curls. Follow a moisture shampoo with a moisture conditioner, leaving the conditioner on a bit longer for deeper conditioning.

    When Should You Use Moisture Shampoo?

    A moisture shampoo can be used daily but if you feel your hair is being weighed down (more specific to those with fine hair) then utilize a clarifying shampoo once every other week.

    Before And After Using Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner:

    Reading the label:

    Our Moisture Bound Shampoo gently cleanses hair, leaving it touchably softer, smoother and more nourished.

    • Sulfate-free gentle surfactants: cleanse without stripping.
    • Cationic conditioning agent: since damaged hair has net negative charge, this cationic ingredient adheres to areas of damage reducing hair frizz, improving hair movement, and boosting shine.
    • Monoi Oil: composed of low molecular weight triglycerides, penetrates the hair shaft and smooths down the hair cuticle.
    • Pequi and Abysinnian oils: help restore essential hydration and hair shine.
    • Quaternized Panthenol: provitamin B5 is often included in haircare products because it helps flatten the hair cuticle which increases hair shine and reduces friction between hair fibers. It also penetrates the hair shaft and improves hair strength. Quaternized panthenol is a modified form of panthenol that has a positive charge and therefore adheres better to the hair, further enhancing its benefits.
    • Acidic pH to help minimize negative charge of hair and limit frizz

    For best results, use with our Moisture Bound Conditioner to replenish lipids and restore elasticity, vitality, and feel.

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