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  • Iskra's Note on Self Love in the Summer

    A little summer love note from me to you

    Summer is finally here, and there’s no better time for adventure, joy, and self-discovery. I want to remind you that it’s not about what others think, or comparing our summer to anyone else's. It's about embracing ourselves as we are, making cherished memories, and enjoying every moment. So let’s dive into the essence of summer and embark on a journey of self-love and adventure, leaving behind insecurities and embracing the freedom to be ourselves.

    “Summer is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and rediscover what brings us happiness.”

    Summer is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and rediscover what brings us happiness. Embrace your uniqueness, celebrate your strengths, and let go of self-doubt. Wear the swimsuit, not to impress anyone else, but because you deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. You are a goddess (whether you’re walking in a cloud of our yummy body mists or not) It's time to fully embrace who you are and radiate that inner glow (and some outer glow with our body oils doesn’t hurt).

    Summer memories are the ones that stay with us for a lifetime. Whether you're embarking on a solo adventure or spending time with loved ones, make it a summer to remember. Step out of your comfort zone and embark on new adventures. Explore hidden hiking trails, try exhilarating water sports, or plan a spontaneous road trip to a place you've always wanted to visit. Let the spirit of adventure guide you, and don't be afraid to create memories that will ignite your soul. I love long walks on the beach, watching the sunset from a serene spot, and picnics in a lush, green park. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let the soothing sounds of nature and the warmth of the sun remind you of the wonders that surround you, and find something small to be grateful for today and everyday - even if it’s finding the first natural deo that works (IKYK).

    Summer is a time to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories with loved ones. Organize a BBQ, plan a day at the beach with friends, or have a heartfelt conversation over a bonfire under the starry sky. These are the moments of togetherness with my friends and family that I will never forget.

    Summer is also a time to recharge and prioritize self-care. Set aside moments for relaxation and rejuvenation. Treat yourself to a spa day (or grab your favorite Saltair scents and create a DIY spa at home). Get lost in a captivating book, or simply take a peaceful stroll at sunset. Remember, you deserve these "me" moments that replenish your soul and allow you to fully embrace the joys of summer.

    As the sun shines and the world comes alive with the vibrant energy of summer, take a deep breath and allow yourself to be present in this moment. Embrace the essence of summer, rediscover yourself, and create unforgettable memories. This summer is yours, and I’m cheering you on as you say yes to all the adventures because you deserve it all.

    Lots of love,

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