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    How to make time for self care.

    There are two types of people in the morning, the “5 more minutes” and the “ready set go”. I’m definitely the “5 more minutes” type, I like to snooze my alarm up until the last second, that alone feels like a self-care act. I like to give my body what it wants, whether it’s sleep, a craving here and there, water, a phone break, etc. If my body wants it, it’s important I give it.

    “I view self-care as a soothing ritual rather than a routine”

    My skin is the number one “tell all” when things are a bit off balance, which is why I’ve made it a priority to practice self-care. I view self-care as a soothing ritual rather than a routine, viewing it this way allows things to feel more like a treat than a chore. In the mornings I like to keep my showers hot and steamy, there’s nothing cozier than feeling warm water run down your skin as you slowly wake up from a good night’s rest. If I’m really sleepy and groggy I use Saltair’s body wash in Exotic Pulp for the tropical notes that instantly re-energize me. If I’m well rested, I stay true to Saltair’s “no fragrance” body wash-simple, clean, and nourishing. Both leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I could go hours without following up with a body lotion and my skin will still feel and look moisturized.

    After my shower I dive into my skin care regimen consisting of only the essentials: A toning mist, vitamin C serum, moisturizer, face oil, and SPF. I then lather body lotion from the neck all the way down to my toes. Lately I’ve been trying Saltair’s body lotion in the scent “Island Orchid”. I’m not super into pinks and sweet scents because I find them to be overpowering and a bit Juvenile. I love a more sophisticated crisp scent and that’s exactly how I would describe Island Orchid to be. It’s very light, beachy, with a subtle hint of flowers-exactly the level of fresh I want to be throughout the day. I’ve been using the body washes and body lotion for nearly a month and my skin feels velvety, I can easily glide my fingers down my arm without them sticking or feeling greasy-something I’ve found is really hard to come across when using a nourishing body lotion. It only takes a couple seconds for the lotion to fully absorb, I can then confidently dress without worrying about the product ruining the fabrics.

    Aside from snoozing my alarm and devoting more than 5 minutes to my skin care ritual, I also find self-care in making myself a quick but delicious snack in the mornings. I toss together different fruits (whatever I feel would taste the best or is at hand) with some almond milk into a blender or sip on some hot tea with honey while I get ready. Before I head out the door, like clockwork I make sure I put deodorant. I’ve been loving Saltair’s fragrance free scent, the texture is so creamy and gentle and I love that the bottle is refillable (you read that right). Making time for self-care comes easiest when you look forward to using your favorite products or doing your favorite things. Even if you have a busy lifestyle (believe me I work from 9-6, I’m working on a passion project, have a husband, a dog, errands, chores, and some change…) you can always squeeze those extra minutes for yourself. You need it.

    The Takeaway

    Making time for self-care comes easiest when you look forward to using your favorite products or doing your favorite things.

    Squeeze in a few extra minutes for yourself every day – you need it.

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