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  • What is Skincare Deodorant?

    While the purpose of a deodorant is to minimize and prevent body odor, we have taken our refillable deodorant a step further by utilizing ingredients to improve the health and appearance of the skin under your arms as well. Our skincare deodorant provides up to 24 hours of odor protection while exfoliating, refining, and visually brightening underarm skin with ingredients typically used in skincare. Up to this point, underarm skin has been excluded from the body care category and neglected despite many people struggling with ingrown hairs, uneven texture, and dark discoloration under the arms. We created a multifunctional deodorant to prevent odor and address common cosmetic skin concerns seen under the arms, thus creating the skincare deodorant.

    10 Benefits of Skincare Deodorant

    • Blocks Body Odor: First and foremost, our skincare deodorant is clinically proven to block body odor for up to 24 hours. We offer a fragrance free version that simply leaves you fresh as well as numerous gorgeous fragrances that leave you lightly scented throughout the day.
    • Skin acidification: By applying products that have a pH below typical skin pH, you preserve the skin’s acid mantle, stabilize the microbiome, reduce visual skin dryness, and maintain the healthy appearance of skin. Skin acidification can also help reduce body odor. Bacteria under our arms break down sweat and produce pungent compounds that we associate with body odor. These bacteria thrive under an alkaline or high pH environment so by creating an acidic environment under the arms this topical bacteria-caused reaction is reduced. Our deodorant contains a solubilized beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that on contact will acidify the skin thus lowering the pH and reducing the ability of the bacteria to break down sweat and create body odor. Skin acidification translates to a natural reduction in body odor.
    • No Detox Period: Our skincare deodorant works upon application, immediately providing odor protection. You will smell great from Day 1.
    • Natural exfoliation: Since BHA has desmolytic properties it is able to loosen the top dead layers of the skin, exfoliating, to reveal healthy skin. This encourages not only more even-textured skin but minimizes ingrown hairs and reduces visual hyperpigmentation.
    • Safe for sensitive skin: Our skincare deodorant went through irritation and sensitization testing on individuals with self-perceived sensitive skin to ensure our deodorant was safe for all skin types. (We passed with flying colors).
    • Formulated with Tamanu Oil: Our skincare deodorant keeps your skin moisturized and soft with Tamanu Oil which is rich in fatty acids and known to improve the appearance and condition of skin. It is native to tropical Asia and Wallacea.
    • Vegan and cruelty-free: We do not use animal-derived products in any Saltair products including our skincare deodorant and never test on animals.
    • Aluminum Free and Baking Soda Free: Just as important as what our skincare deodorant is formulated with is what our skincare deodorant is formulated without. Our skincare deodorant is free of aluminum salts as well as baking soda. Baking soda with its alkaline pH has the potential to irritate your skin and disrupt your skin’s natural acid mantle. We also chose to focus on superior odor control and prevention through skin acidification rather than reducing sweat production with the use of aluminum salts.
    • BHA: Most of the heavy lifting done by our skincare deodorant is thanks to the solubilized BHA. It not only acidifies the skin to minimize odor but exfoliates and helps visually brighten underarms.
    • Zinc Ricinoleate: Our skincare deodorant also contains zinc ricinoleate to help support the odor-fighting potential of BHA. While BHA reduces odor through acidification, zinc ricinoleate neutralizes odor by absorbing odor molecules. This helps keep you fresh and prevents any breakthrough odor.

    Not only does Saltair welcome every body but we want to include every part of your body in self-care and skincare, even under your arms.

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