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  • The Ultimate Guide to Using Purple Conditioner
  • The Ultimate Guide to Using Purple Conditioner

    When you first heard about purple shampoo, you were probably shocked to learn it’s meant to neutralize brassiness in blonde hair. Afterall, wouldn’t a deeply pigmented hue end up dyeing such light hair? Not so fast. Thanks to TikTok and knowledge from colorists, we now know purple shampoo can be just the key to the shade of blonde you set out to achieve. Well, guess what? Purple conditioner exists to accompany the shampoo.

    What is Purple Conditioner and How Does it Work?

    Unfortunately, depending on the natural shade of your strands, lifting their color can often lead to orangey, brassy tones. This can result after the initial color process or after a few washes when the lightened shade is no longer fresh. Naturally blonde hair can also develop brassy tones due to solar exposure oxidation (referred to as photo yellowing) and repeated thermal stress. So, if purple shampoo can help preserve blonde hair, can purple conditioner be used to neutralize brassy tones in blonde hair, too?

    Is Purple Conditioner Good For Blonde Hair?

    Purple conditioner is designed to tone and correct brassy hues in blonde hair, while also strengthening the strands. Purple is complementary to yellow, meaning it’s on opposite ends of the color wheel and can counteract visual shades of yellow and warm tones. Think of color correction in makeup. While the initial concept of applying green-tinted concealer to redness may seem odd, green has the ability to conceal those affected areas.

    Saltair’s Beach Blonde Purple Conditioner, for example, is formulated with highly concentrated purple pigments, and violet and orchid flower extracts that counteract yellow and brassy tones. While purple shampoo can often dry out hair, purple conditioner is supposed to smooth, soften and intensely moisturize. Saltair’s product features shea butter as its nourishing hero ingredient.

    Is Purple Conditioner Suitable For All Hair Types?

    Purple conditioner is developed for blonde, lightened and gray hair. Anyone can use purple conditioner, but if you’re a brunette, for example, it won’t revitalize or alter the color of your hair in any way. If you’re a brunette with highlights, however, you may see results in the lightened strands. In terms of actual hair types, unless it states otherwise on the bottle, it’s safe to assume purple conditioner is suitable for all.

    How Often Should I Use Purple Conditioner?

    While purple shampoo shouldn’t be used as a normal, everyday shampoo, you can use purple conditioner much more freely. In addition to frequency, you can often use purple conditioner in place of your standard conditioner; whereas with purple shampoo, you need to adjust frequency to achieve the degree of coolness needed. In between uses of purple shampoo you should use a normal shampoo.

    How Long Should I Leave Purple Conditioner In My Hair Before Rinsing It Out?

    Most purple conditioners (including Saltair’s) are only meant to be left on for 1-3 minutes. These are not meant to be applied the way some people use traditional conditioners as mini hair masks. In the case you should leave a purple conditioner on too long, it can leave a faint stain of purple, depending on how blonde your hair is at the moment. Luckily, there are ways around it, including a couple rinses of clarifying shampoo.

    Does Purple Conditioner Have Any Other Benefits Besides Neutralizing Brassy Tones?

    In addition to its color-neutralizing properties, purple conditioner is typically formulated with oils, butters or other moisturizing, nourishing ingredients that keep the hair soft and smooth. Essentially, most purple conditioners can be used as regular conditioners.

    Saltair’s hero ingredient is shea butter, which is favored in hair care for its ability to hydrate strands and soothe the scalp. It plays well with other ingredients, can be applied daily, and is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

    For best results, pair with our Bleach Blonde Purple Shampoo.

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