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  • Ultimate Guide to the New Fine Fragrance Body Mists
  • Ultimate Guide to the New Fine Fragrance Body Mists

    What is a Body Mist?

    A body mist is a lighter, less intense version of a perfume. This difference is due to a reduction in the amount of fragrance oil in the formula. When creating a body mist the amount of fragrance oil included in the formula is much different than that of an eau de parfum or eau de toilette - sometimes the amount of fragrance oil is reduced by more than half that of what you would see in the typical EDP or EDT.

    How to Use a Body Mist

    Typically a body mist is used in one of two ways, it either acts as a layer while fragrance layering or it is used in place of a perfume. One of the key benefits of using a body mist is the ability to control how strong the fragrance you’re wearing is which is why they work so well for fragrance layering. You can layer them on top of your favorite body lotions and body oils or you can layer them on top of your perfume if you want to add an element of interest to your favorite fragrance. Alternatively, if you want to be able to control how strong your scent of the day is, body mists are a great option because you have more control over how much of the fragrance you’re applying due to the lesser concentration of oil in the formula.

    Fine Fragrance Body Mists are the newest addition to the Saltair product lineup and are a product you don’t want to miss out on! These body mists take the most popular Saltair fragrances and introduce a more complex and elevated fragrance profile to add the perfect finishing touch to your body care routine.

    Santal Bloom

    Everyone’s favorite Saltair scent is taken to the next level in the new Santal Bloom Body Mist. The mist has notes of cardamom and magnolia followed by jasmine and amber that dry down into the creamy and musky sandalwood base that you know and love.

    Pink Beach

    Saltair’s viral Pink Beach scent is now available as a body mist! The new Pink Beach Body Mist elevates the creamy, coconut and vanilla scent that you find so yummy by incorporating lily and orange zest at the top of the fragrance to introduce a more dimensional fragrance profile.

    Pacific Pear

    Calling all Recover and Restore Haircare lovers! Your favorite Saltair scent is now available in a body mist. With juicy notes of orange and pear that draw you in and floral notes of jasmine and orris that transition to a warm sandalwood base, the new Pacific Pear Body Mist is sure to be your scent of the summer.

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