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  • Everything You Need To Know About Saltair's Dry Shampoo
  • Everything You Need To Know About Saltair's Dry Shampoo

    What is Dry Shampoo?

    Dry shampoo is a powdery spray formula used to revitalize and refresh hair with no washing necessary. The reference to “shampoo” is that it absorbs excess oils on the scalp to give hair a clean, fresh look and temporarily push out a full shampoo application. Not only will it help to freshen up the look and smell of your hair, it can also add body, bounce and volume. The aerosol format allows the user to target the scalp areas needed and be fast-drying.

    How Do You Use Dry Shampoo?

    Dry shampoo is arguably one of the easiest hair care products to use as it doesn’t take much to put it to work. On days that you just need a bit of freshening up, hold the dry shampoo the recommended distance (typically 6-12 inches) from the roots and spray. It’s that easy! Allow the dry shampoo to set for a moment and then disperse it with your fingers or a comb. On days that your hair needs a bit more TLC, create sections in the same way that you would when curling or straightening your hair. Once you’ve created sections in your hair just follow the same steps as above.

    Do You Use Dry Shampoo Before or After Straightening or Styling?

    Dry Shampoo should be applied after styling as a "lifting" or volume step as the powders can help alleviate the oils that drag hair down. It is generally intended to be used to “freshen up” styles on day one, day two, or even day three where needed depending on individual scalp needs.

    Should I be Concerned About Benzene in Saltair's Dry Shampoo?

    While you may not know what benzene is, you may remember hearing about a massive dry shampoo recall in 2022 or the independent study by Valisure that found 70% of dry shampoos contain benzene. Benzene is a carcinogenic chemical that tends to attach itself to butane, a common dry shampoo propellant. This attachment occurs long before the dry shampoo ends up in its can, typically during the manufacturing process of the butane. Noting these past discoveries and concerns, the Saltair Dry Shampoo undergoes benzene testing to ensure that it does not contain traces of benzene. So, no, you should not be concerned about seeing benzene in Saltair’s Dry Shampoo.

    What Ingredients are in Saltair’s Dry Shampoo?

    While this product has a handful of ingredients including the propellant, the hero ingredient in this formula is our fast-absorbing powder blend. This blend is a combination of bamboo and lotus powders and shea butter coated rice starch to absorb oil without creating excess dryness, while simultaneously increasing volume. The rice starch coated in shea butter works to absorb excess oil, sweat, and impurities without drying out your hair and scalp. It has a creamy texture that feels soft to the touch and creates a pleasant feeling on the scalp. The bamboo and lotus flowers are antioxidant rich dry extracts that act as a purifier and in turn a volumizer for the hair.

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