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  • Best Body Care Products for Summer

    Whether it’s due to the warmer weather or all of the new dresses and swimwear being released, summer usually means showing a bit more skin. We often change up our skincare and makeup routines in the summer (hello darker shades of foundation, more sunscreen, more of a bronze-y glow), but it can also be beneficial to change up our body care regimen as we lean into the warmer months. Summer body care products can be just as fun. Whether it’s a body oil that locks in moisture and leaves your legs glowing, or a deodorant that you know will protect you from odor on warm summer days, there are many ways you can switch up your body products for summer. For me, summer also means leaning into summer scents - think coconut scents that transport you to the beach or invigorating citrus scents that wake you up and get you moving.

    Our Favorite Body Products that Smell Like Summer:

    Best Citrus Scented Body Wash

    I’m an early riser, and love an invigorating scent in the morning after a sweaty workout. With its bright, fresh, citrus scent Exotic Pulp really delivers.

    Best Coconut Scented Body Wash

    Pink Beach smells like summer in a bottle. I love coconut scented body products in the summer months because they’re reminiscent of sunscreen and beach days. This formula features coconut oil and lathers so nicely that I can even use it to shave my legs.

    Best Beach-Inspired Body Wash

    It’s named Seascape for a reason. This oceanic body wash scent smells fresh and clean and delivers a light, unisex scent.

    Best KP Scrub for Smooth Legs

    I use this KP scrub after my body wash to reduce the appearance of the bumps on my legs and on the back of my forearms. It’s become a staple in my shower routine. Something about a good at-home scrub just feels super cleansing.

    Best Body Oil for Glowing Skin

    Ever see people in photos with legs that absolutely GLOW? That’s the exact effect that this body oil has. Our Pink Beach body oil provides dewy, soft, supple skin that's pleasantly scented. I take it on every vacation with me for this reason!

    Best Deodorant for Odor Protection

    This new serum deodorant in Pink Beach is great for summer as it keeps me smelling fresh and does not leave obnoxious residue on clothing. It is also the perfect travel size deodorant as it is 1.7oz. This is another item that is accompanying me during all of my summer travel.

    Bonus: Best Travel Size Summer-Scented Body Products:

    Want to bring your favorite scents with you on vacation? You’re in luck!

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