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  • Post-Gym Body Care Essentials

    When city life calls for extensive commuting, becoming a bit of a “bag lady” is inevitable. From laptops and lunch bags, to gym clothes, sneakers, and makeup and body care products, a well-packed on-the-go tote is essential to a stream-lined morning and prepared day. While we may not be able to guarantee you remember your lunch or matching workout set for Barry’s Bootcamp, we can at least help you curate your post-gym body care essentials.

    Here are the body care products that we keep in our in our gym bags for on-the-go freshness:


    This feels like an obvious one for most of us. Especially those that run a bit more sweaty or love a high intensity workout after sitting at a desk all day (sitting truly is the new smoking). Saltair offers two types of deodorants that I tend to rotate between - the 5% AHA Serum Deodorant and a Skincare Deodorant.

    The 5% AHA Serum Deodorant has a light texture that dries down quickly. This AHA deodorant combats order, helps with discoloration, and smooths and reduces the look of ingrown hairs.

    If you prefer a stick deodorant, our Skincare Deodorant is formulated with proven-to-work skincare ingredients like salicylic acid and zinc ricinoleate to keep odors at bay for over 24 hours.

    Dry Shampoo

    If you get a bit more sweaty than anticipated after a sprint on the treadmill or some heavy lifting, freshen up the look and smell of your hair with dry shampoo. Not only can dry shampoo make your hair look visibly clean, it helps extend the time between washes by absorbing any impurities.

    Body Mist

    Body mist is super convenient and is perfect for freshening up post-workout if you don’t have access to a shower. I prefer using a body mist over perfume after the gym because it's a bit lighter and works well for both the body and hair. Saltair body mist is available in four of our best-selling scents. My favorite is Santal Bloom Body Mist, which is currently waiting for me in my gym bag ready for my next post-workout spritz.

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