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  • Deodorant for the Ingredient Conscious New Mom

    I try to gravitate towards clean beauty, even more so now that I’m a mom. But when it comes to deodorant, I’ve never had any luck… until three weeks ago. I kept thinking it was a fluke that a more natural deodorant was working for me. So, I waited and waited to write this post. Turns out, Saltair's AHA serum deodorant is a unicorn in the deo department.

    When I was pregnant, I tried so many natural deodorant options. None of them worked. Luckily, I’ve never been a huge sweater. And I couldn’t work out during my pregnancy anyway. But postpartum, I experienced major night sweats. Let’s just say it’s a good thing my dogs think body odor smells delicious. When I stopped breastfeeding, I immediately went back to my old deodorant. I already felt like I looked like a hot mess caring for a newborn. I didn’t need to be a smelly hot mess, too! Then, a few weeks ago, my son decided that his favorite place to snuggle is in mama’s armpits. So, I tried Saltair's serum deodorant.

    I’ve been a long time user of Saltair’s Santal Bloom collection. It combines two of my favorite scents (sandalwood and rose) into a warm blend that transports me to golden hour on the beach. If you’re more into sweet scents, I also tried the serum deodorant in Pink Beach. It reminds me of a creamy coconut macaron. I like that both serums have just a touch of fragrance so it’s not overpowering. Even my mom, who is extremely sensitive to smells, didn’t notice the scent when we hugged hello. But there’s also fragrance free if that’s more your thing.

    Personally, I could sniff Santal Bloom all day. But the scent doesn’t just mask unwanted smells. Saltair serum deodorant actually neutralizes body odor through a blend of acids. Other pros? It’s aluminum free. It rolls on clear and dries super fast (key for all the black in my wardrobe). The packaging is minimal and chic (perfect for bathroom display). You can recycle the glass bottle (Mother Earth says thank you). It helps shed dead layers of skin (bye-bye ingrown hairs). Oh yea, and it really, really works! I’ve been doing stroller workouts to get my mom bod in check. And even after an hour of arms, legs and core, I can cuddle my baby and not worry that he thinks his mama smells icky.

    As for cons, the only one I can think of is that there’s a waitlist. So, if your baby likes snuggling in your armpits too — or you just want your underarms to be as soft and yummy as a baby’s skin — I highly recommend getting on the list pronto.

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