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  • Everything to Know About our Damage Repair Hair Mask
  • Everything to Know About our Damage Repair Hair Mask

    What Are the Main Causes of Hair Damage?

    Hot Tool Usage

    The frequent use of hot tools including curling irons, flat irons, hot combs, and blow dryers can have a negative impact on the keratin structures in your hair and even damage the hair cuticle. The high temperatures that come from using hot tools can alter the shape of the hair’s keratin, which is ultimately irreversible due to the potential melting of the keratin strands. These high temperatures can also cause the hair cuticle to lift, crack, and weaken–causing reduced moisture retention and split ends.

    Coloring and Chemical Treatments

    When coloring hair, the dye solution lifts the hair cuticles and breaks down the hair’s natural pigment in order to let the new color take hold–this process is the result of the ammonia and peroxide in the dye. These consistent structural changes made to the hair result in weak, breakage-prone hair. Similarly to coloring the hair, chemical treatments including bleaching, keratin treatments, thermal reconditioning, and relaxers, will cause structural changes to the hair. In the case of thermal reconditioning, this entails restructuring the hair by breaking protein bonds in the hair and reshaping the hair with a flat iron.

    UV Exposure

    Excess sun exposure can lead to photochemical processes that result in the degradation of pigments as well as the degradation and loss of proteins in the hair. The degradation of hair proteins is a result of UVB radiation while UVA radiation can cause degradation of hair pigmentation. Photodamage can be increased if your hair is already chemically damaged.


    Hair health can be affected by pollutants found in water and in the air. Environmental pollution can cause keratins to degrade and eventually break down resulting in hair breakage. Environmental pollution can also leave a film on the scalp which in turn clogs the hair follicle. Pollutants in water, whether in the pool or shower, can lead to reactions with the color of your hair resulting in unwanted tone changes.

    I Already Use a Conditioner, Do I Need to Use a Hair Mask?

    While using a conditioner every time you wash your hair is great for replenishing moisture and maintaining your overall hair health, masks tend to have a higher concentration of ingredients that work to enhance the hair strand. Masks, like Saltair's Damage Repair Hair Mask, can contain bond repairing ingredients, peptides, and butters to promote hair health with restored luster, shine, and manageability. Obviously, a hair mask isn’t intended for everyday use, but they can be a great addition to your shower routine when needed.

    To combat damage before it starts, consider incorporating a heat protectant in your haircare routine. Our all-in-one thermal heat protectant spray forms a barrier between your strands and your preferred heat styling tool, safeguarding your hair for smooth, silky locks sans breakage or frizz.

    Saltair’s Damage Repair Hair Mask Key Ingredients

    Bond Multiplier Complex

    Made with aspergillus ferment and arginine, this complex covalently bonds to amino acids and keratin fragments in hair and is a natural Plex bond multiplier. This complex enhances hair from the inside out by filling voids to reduce porosity, restore broken protein bonds, and smooth the hair cuticle.

    Synergistic Repair Blend

    This blend is made with itaconic acid, arginine, pro-vitamin B5, and polysaccharides proactively strengthening while creating a protective barrier on the hair.

    Mango Butter

    Mango butter works to seal in moisture and reduce breakage while controlling frizz and preventing split ends.

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