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  • Orange is the New Everything

    If you know me, you know I can’t resist buying anything orange, so naturally I had to try every single Saltair product in their Exotic Pulp scent. Was it worth the hype? Read to find out 🙂

    Let’s start from the beginning. Saltair has become a staple beauty brand for me. I love that it is formulated for sensitive skin with clean, vegan, and paraben free ingredients. Beyond the high quality products, the design is aesthetically pristine. As a digital creator and creative, I love surrounding myself with brands who invest in the details.

    I’ve recently become fascinated by the impact of smell. A smell can serve as a warning or alarm, or something joyful and delicious that draws you in. It can also serve as a form of nostalgia transporting you back in time to specific memories, places, or people. Is there anything better than the smell of fresh baked cookies?? Speaking of a wonderful scent, I want to dive into my favorite Saltair one, Exotic Pulp.

    The Exotic Pulp scent comes in all of their staple products: Body Mist, Body Oil, Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Deodorant. It is citrus scented, tangy and sweet, with notes of orange, guava, and driftwood. I love it especially for Summer because it feels super fresh and bold. You can even smell it under sunscreen! Plus it includes the key ingredient Ascorbyl Glucoside, which is a derivative of Vitamin C that is known to help visually brighten, firm, and combat free radicals on skin. Something I continue to love about Saltair is how conscious they are about sensitive skin. While Vitamin C can be really harsh and irritating, Ascorbyl Glucoside provides a gentle yet still effective approach.

    Let’s walk through how I use each of the products, and some tips!

    I start by using the Exotic Pulp body wash in the shower. For the smoothest silkiest skin, I like to use the KP Body Scrub first, followed by the body wash applied with the Body Scrubber Mitt. I love this approach because it exfoliates my skin (with zero irritation) ahead of hydrating and brightening it from the built-in ingredients in the body wash. Once dry from the shower, I slather on the body lotion, followed by the body oil and body mist. The combo of the oil and lotion really locks in the moisture and feels super hydrating to the skin. As a last step, I apply the deodorant and usually throw it in my bag just to have it on hand, but the scent truly lasts all day.

    To recap, the order of products I use is:

        1. KP Body Smoother
        1. Body Wash (in shower using the Body Scrubber Mitt)
        1. Body Lotion (post shower)
        1. Body Oil
        1. Body Mist
        1. Deodorant 

    Follow the steps above to feel like your skin is drinking a tall glass of water, with a splash of orange of course. And smell like one too. The Exotic Pulp scent alone is a vibe, but with all of the products paired just close your eyes and you’re on your way to a lush and tropical vacay 🍊

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