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  • My Fall Self-Care Routine

    A Day in the Life of Saltair’s Director of SEO & Content Strategy

    Self-care is an all-day routine for me. It’s especially important during the mornings and nights, as I’m either setting my intention for the day ahead, or setting my goals for the next day. During the fall, I like to embrace the changing of seasons by adjusting my daily routine. Instead of grilling after work as I do in the spring and summer, I’ll prepare a cozy crockpot meal during my work-from-home days. I also love to take advantage of early mornings during the fall so that I can take long brisk walks and see the leaves change colors in my neighborhood.


    As for my typical fall self care routine during the work week, I wake up at 6AM, take probiotics with lots of water, straighten up my apartment, and wash my face with MAKE’s succulent skin wash cleanser and apply my ride-or-die refillable deodorant in Santal Bloom. I workout in the mornings, so I wait until post workout to apply the rest of my skincare.

    I have two favorite morning coffee and movement routines that I rotate between on weekdays depending on my mood. Either I make coffee at home and do a Lex Effect Pilates class (my favorite virtual home workout), or I choose to take a long morning walk to a coffee shop. My favorite coffee shop is a two mile walk from my loft, so I like to get a walk in and then sit and enjoy my coffee for a moment prior to the two mile walk back home. During my time relaxing at the coffee shop, I check in on my investments and read investing news, and enjoy people watching and dog watching. On the way home, I usually stop by a Whole Foods that is conveniently located right across the street from my loft and pick up a green smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch.

    Post walk or pilates, I take a body shower using Saltair’s Santal Bloom body wash which smells of rich santal and luxurious amber and once again use MAKE’s succulent skin wash cleanser in the shower. Post shower, I prep my skin for the rest of my skincare with MAKE’s essence toner, followed by Naturium’s niacinamide serum, MAKE’s gel cream moisturizer, all followed by sunscreen. Even on days where I’m working from home, I love to use my favorite perfume, Phlur’s Lost Cause. I often spritz it multiple times a day because I can’t get enough of the scent.

    I settle into my desk to begin working from home by 9AM and try to focus on accomplishing my most important tasks first, as I am more fresh in the mornings. I won’t bore you with the intricacies of my role, but I do search engine optimization and content strategy and I adore my craft. It’s equal parts technical, psychological, and creative strategy driven.


    Around noon, I often prepare a crockpot meal for dinner during the fall months. This meal routine is perfect for weekdays, especially when working from home since the meal is done cooking right around dinner time. During the fall, I enjoy warm and hearty meals such as sweet potato chili, vegan soups, buffalo chicken bowls, or turkey taco bowls. After meal prepping, I enjoy my salad for lunch, continue hydrating, and take a moment to myself.


    My work day ends at 6PM and dinner is ready! I’m very social and often have friends or neighbors over for dinner. I love to host so my home is the usual gathering place. I am perpetually early to bed, early to rise (aligned with circadian rhythm), so ideally my guests are on their way home by 9PM.

    Most nights, I take a hot bath using Saltair’s Santal Bloom body wash as a bubble bath. After my bath, I lock in moisture with Saltair’s Pink Beach body oil as a hydrating nightcap for my skin. After my body care routine, I begin my skincare routine. I like to take my time and be intentional and methodical with my nighttime skincare routine. I truly enjoy my “me” time before settling into bed. I cleanse with MAKE’s succulent skin wash cleanser, then use MAKE’s essence toner to prep my skin for the rest of my nighttime skincare. I switch up my skincare routine based on the season and how my skin is feeling. Lately I’ve been keeping it simple and have been using Naturium’s retinaldehyde serum followed by their overnight sleeping cream.

    Most nights, I go to bed around 10-10:30PM. I love to be super cozy and usually sleep in silk pajamas from Lunya. Before settling into bed, I put my phone on airplane mode and put it out of my arm's reach, set an intention for the next day and meditate until I fall asleep. Good night!

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