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    We’ve all heard of glazed doughnut skin, that dewy youthful shine on your face, but what about your armpits? Saltair just launched one of the most innovative and functional products that not only glazes your underarms, but reduces odor, in-growns, and skin discoloration. I tried Saltair's AHA serum deodorant for a couple weeks, and here is how my experience went.

    As a fitness trainer, my underarm hygiene is a big priority because I’m moving a lot, aka sweating a lot. I’m also an advocate for holistic wellness and understanding how our environment, things we put in and on our bodies, and daily decisions impact our overall health goals. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. That means whatever ingredients you are applying to your skin, you’re giving an open invitation into your home.

    Beyond this, my skin is VERY sensitive. If anyone is going to have a reaction to a product, it will be me. Thank you mom’s genetics. I opted for the fragrance free AHA serum deodorant because of this, but when I smelled the Pink Beach I could not resist giving it a try. The scent is sweet and elevated, like an expensive vegan dessert. It’s giving Erewhon Coconut milk (which for context, is $7.00 to add to your drink) and Le Labo Vanille 44. I would literally wear it as perfume if I could.

    I am happy to report that the Pink Beach serum deodorant did not irritate my skin at all, and kept me smelling delicious all day long, even during and after working out. If you’re more into a musky smell or want a neutral color for your bathroom counter aesthetic, the Santal Bloom will be your chef’s kiss.

    The serum is super light weight and has a roller at the tip that glides easily along your skin.

    Let’s talk about how the serum deodorant feels. The serum is super light weight and has a roller at the tip that glides easily along your skin. It delivers a generous amount of moisture, so you don’t experience any friction when applying it. For anyone who uses a serum for their face, to me it feels like my skin is drinking a tall glass of water. This is the same feeling, but it’s under my arms and oddly more satisfying because it’s also cooling down an area that tends to build a lot of heat. Plus, it’s clear and dries down quickly and I can attest that it does not get on any clothing post application.

    How Does Serum Deodorant Work?

    If you’re like me, you want to understand the science of the products you use. Saltair's serum deodorant combines acids to neutralize the odor under your arms. This means it acidifies the skin to eliminate the smell, not just masking it. This is different to the majority of anti perspirant deodorants that block the sweat glands and can clog your pores. These acids also help to shed the top layers of dead skin to prevent ingrown hairs (truly is there anything worse than an ingrown hair), smooth your skin, and reduce discoloration.

    In summary, I’m in my era of glazed pits and I’m never going back!

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