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  • New Year, New Body Care: 2024 Shower Routine
  • New Year, New Body Care: 2024 Shower Routine

    Whether you're a resolutions enthusiast or don’t subscribe to the tradition, the beginning of a new year marks an opportunity to reflect on our go-to beauty essentials and explore ways to enhance our self-care practices. This new year, that means taking care of the skin on our bodies. Make your skin's well-being a priority in 2024 with a post-shower body care routine guaranteed to achieve your softest skin yet - because caring for your skin can be simple and effective.

    Dry Brush

    Dry brushing is a skincare practice that involves using a natural-bristle brush to gently massage and exfoliate the skin, typically before showering. The technique is performed on dry skin, hence the name "dry brushing." Using Saltair’s Body Brush, gently sweep over dry skin in upward motions, starting from your feet and working your way up to your arms and chest. This simple yet effective technique helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation all before you shower, making it the perfect addition to your 2024 body care routine.

    For best results, apply one of Saltair’s delicately fragranced body oils before dry brushing.


    What better way to kick off the new year than by investing in a body wash that cares for your body skin while it cleanses.

    As the temperatures dip and we spend more time indoors, a good moisturizing body wash becomes a winter must-have for your skincare routine. For this, look no further than Saltair’s new Golden Hour Oil Body Wash – an oil-infused formula that gently cleanses, removing impurities while providing lasting hydration for noticeably softer, smoother, and more supple post-shower skin. Packed with a blend of ultra-moisturizing oils like passion fruit seed, kukui, argan, coconut, and buriti, Golden Hour ensures skin is smooth, nourished, and delicately fragranced. What’s more, Vitamin E and Glycerin, a moisture-attracting humectant, can help keep your skin hydrated for the long haul.


    Our skin constantly sheds dead cells, which, when left unchecked, can lead to a lackluster complexion, rough texture and, worst of all, ingrown hairs. Keep skin soft and smooth in 2024 by incorporating a body scrub into your weekly shower routine. With consistent exfoliation, you’ll not only enhance the overall texture and tone of skin, but also prime skin to better absorb the products that follow in your routine.

    For this, I love Saltair’s KP Body Scrub, which combines the power of chemical and physical exfoliation to leave your skin feeling smoother than ever. Fragrance-free and packed with 5% glycolic acid, volcanic sand, and microcrystalline cellulose, this scrub has become my go-to for tackling bumps, uneven texture and helping to avoid ingrown hairs. Plus, its hydrating mix of kukui, coconut, and macadamia oils nourish and moisturize. For best results, treat your skin 1-2 times a week or whenever it craves a little extra TLC. Just massage onto wet skin with your fingertips, rinse thoroughly, and gently pat dry. Your smooth skin journey starts here!

    Moisturize in Two Steps

    Step 1: Apply Lotion

    Regardless of your skin type and texture, safeguarding your skin’s barrier through consistent moisturizing stands out as a straightforward yet crucial step in any body skincare routine. Relieve dry, itchy skin, shield elbows and knees, and unveil your softest skin yet by applying lotion after your shower.

    For optimal outcomes, towel off and apply your chosen Saltair body lotion while your skin is still damp. Particularly advantageous post-shower or bath, when your skin is most receptive, this practice is a cornerstone for maintaining hydrated and healthy-looking skin. Trust me, your skin will thank you.

    Step 2: Seal in Moisture With a Body Oil

    An extra step goes a long way in maintaining smooth, supple skin. Complete your shower routine by sealing in the benefits of your moisturizer with a nourishing body oil, a skincare technique that offers several benefits. By topping your body lotion with a body oil, you seal in moisture and help prevent water loss, meaning skin stays hydrated for longer. For this, I love Saltair’s fast-absorbing santal body oil formulated with plant actives and squalane to nourish and impart a lasting glow.

    Finishing Touches:

    Serum Deo

    Give some love to the often neglected skin under your arms with our 5% AHA Serum Deodorant. This innovative formula harnesses the power of mandelic, lactic, and polyhydroxy acids to not only combat body odor but also smooth, exfoliate, and prevent common underarm skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs.

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