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  • Skin Flooding Your Body Care Routine

    What Is Skin Flooding?

    Skin flooding is the process of layering skin care products in an order that enhances and locks in moisture. Now that winter climate is setting in, we all need to ensure our skin is getting the long lasting hydration it deserves. While skin flooding initially blew up on TikTok as a trend in facial skin care, the concept can be easily implemented in a body care routine. By introducing skin flooding to your routine and applying body products in a way that emulates a skincare routine you can improve your overall skin health and hydration.

    Step-By-Step Skin Flooding Body Care Routine

    Hydrating Body Wash

    To start a skin flooding routine, use a moisturizing body wash that includes ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or hydrating oils. My favorites for this step include Saltair’s new Golden Hour Oil Body Wash and Saltair’s Santal Bloom Body Wash. I like the Golden Hour Oil Body Wash as a base for this routine because it’s not only packed with oils like argan, coconut and buriti, it also lists glycerin as its second ingredient. I love using products with high levels of glycerin because the ingredient is known for its ability to rejuvenate the epidermal barrier and improve skin hydration.

    Body Lotion

    Once you’ve wrapped up your shower, you’ll want to apply a lotion. For best results, apply when your skin is still damp. This will further lock in hydration by sealing in the water on your skin and, in some cases and depending on the product, maximizing the hydrating, softening effects of your lotion. At this point you can go in with any of the Saltair Body Lotions, but I opt for Santal Bloom Body Lotion when layering with the Santal Bloom Body Wash because of its fragrance layering longevity.

    Body Oil

    Now that your body lotion has soaked in, you want to seal everything in with body oil. Always be sure to apply body lotion before body oil, because oils are occlusive, which means they prevent body lotion from doing its job. At this point I’ll wrap up my routine with the Santal Bloom Body Oil to leave my skin feeling soft and supple.

    By applying your products in the order above, you’re sure to see long lasting hydration that your skin will thank you for.

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