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    At Saltair we believe bodycare is skincare. Using advanced skincare ingredients for the body, we help improve the appearance of skin everywhere. We took it a step further looking at skincare hair to toe.

    Skincare and Haircare Concern: Oxidative Damage

    Hair might not be viable tissue, but everyone can tell the difference between healthy, shiny hair and damaged, dull hair. Oxidative stress is a problem for both hair and skin. It can cause hair to become dull, lackluster with decreased elasticity just as oxidative stress can cause decreased skin elasticity and a dehydrated, dull complexion. Oxidative stress on hair comes in the form of UV, pollution, and chemical treatments such as bleaching, dying, and perming. To recover and restore hair vitality caused by stress we created our Recover and Restore Damage Repair Shampoo and Damage Repair Conditioner.

    Skincare Ingredients to Treat Hair Damage Caused by Oxidative Stress

    Arginine is an amino acid and antioxidant used in skincare to both hydrate and repair visible skin damage. It is part of the Bond Mulitplier Complex in our Recover & Restore Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner which helps reduce hair breakage, increase hair elasticity, and build broken bonds within the hair. Our Bond Mulitplier Complex also contains a fermented extract often used in skincare to restore the skin barrier but for hair it restores the hydrophobic barrier, repelling moisture that can cause frizzing, swelling, and additional damage.

    Skincare and Haircare Concern: Dehydration

    When hair feels and looks dehydrated it is actually due to a compromised hydrophobic barrier on the hair shaft. When water penetrates the hair shaft, the hair swells and can cause damage. Damage to the hair lipid layer and cuticles, leading to porous hair, looks stiff, frizzy, lackluster, and “dry.” Just as skin has a protective lipid barrier to keep skin hydrated and bouncy so does the hair. When you have a compromised skin barrier or are lacking barrier lipids you can get dry, flaky skin. Creams and lotions can offer replenishing lipids to restore this barrier and improve skin moisturization. We took the same approach by formulating our Moisture Bound Shampoo and Conditioner with penetrating oils and lipids that can displace some of the water content in the hair shaft, helping the hair feel softer, smoother, and healthier.

    Skincare Ingredients to Treat Dehydrated Hair

    Barrier repair or lipid replenishing creams for skin often contain oils with high unsaturated fatty acids which are building blocks to make ceramides. Ethyl linoleate and ethyl oleate are unsaturated fatty acids found in skincare that we use in our Moisture Bound Shampoo and Conditioner to envelop hair in a protective barrier, restoring hydrophobicity and helping hair fibers better align for smoothness and shine. Panthenol, also called provitamin B5, while not a lipid, is a common skincare ingredient that restores skin hydration. We formulated our Moisture Bound Shampoo and Conditioner with a quaternized panthenol which penetrates the hair shaft to improve strength while flattening the hair cuticle and reducing friction. This addresses many of the symptoms of “dry” hair.

    Skincare and Haircare Concern: Discoloration

    Bleached, lightened, highlighted, gray, white, and silver hair are all prone to discoloration referred to as brassiness. This is when warm tones start to come out and hair takes on a yellowish color. This discoloration can happen from solar exposure, repeated thermal stress, and your toner fading (if you had your hair toned after lightening). Skin discoloration can be due to solar exposure leading to hyperpigmentation, inflammation causing excessive skin redness, and glycation making skin appear more yellow. Numerous skincare products contain color correcting pigments, relying on color theory, to counteract unwanted color. Green can counteract skin redness, yellow brighten purple undereye circles, and purple counteract yellow tones. This same color theory applies to purple shampoos and conditioners. Purple pigments and extracts can be added to offset yellow, warm tones because purple is on the opposite end of the color wheel.

    Skincare Ingredients to Treat Warm Unwanted Hair Tones

    Both color correcting skincare and purple shampoos and conditioners contain pigments to offset unwanted discoloration. Purple shampoos and conditioners contain Violet 2, CI 60730, or Acid Violet 43 to counteract yellowing of the hair. Just as antioxidants in skincare can help neutralize free radicals that can cause excess melanin we added antioxidant phytochemicals from three violet flowers to our Beach Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner to neutralize hair brassiness and reduce yellowing.

    Whether it’s hair care, body care or skincare, we all aspire to look and feel our best. For hair that is healthier and radiant looking, Saltair products are developed with beneficial skin care principles in mind. By addressing common hair concerns such as oxidative stress, dehydration, and discoloration, we are able to leverage potent skincare ingredients like arginine and unsaturated fatty acids to improve hair vitality, moisture replenishment and correct unwanted tones. Join us in our specialized approach to hair health from root to tip!

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