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  • Tips For Layering Body Care Scents
  • Tips For Layering Body Care Scents

    Fragrance layering is the process of combining scents or layering products with the same scent. Incorporating layering into your self-care routine may seem a bit daunting at first, but it is a great way to develop your own fragrance signature. Through layering, you can create a unique scent by using different fragrances or you can push your favorite scents to a higher intensity. By doing so you can ensure that no one has the same signature as you and you can have a customized scent each season without going out of your way to find something entirely new.

    Tips for Layering Different Fragrances

    When layering fragrances there’s really no “one way” to go about it. You can mix and match scents with similar profiles or olfactive aromas to create a fragrance unique to you–something familiar, but completely your own. One way to increase the longevity of your fragrance is to start with stronger or heavier scents to act as an anchor for the rest of your creation. Another route you can take when layering is to use the same fragrance across your routine, starting in the shower. This will not only increase the potency of the fragrance you’re wearing, but it will also increase its longevity.

    How to Layer Scents in Your Body Care Routine:

    1. It all starts in the shower. Use a scented body wash to start the layering process. If you don’t plan on using products with the same fragrance, use a body wash with a similar aroma profile to ensure it will mesh well with the scents you’re introducing later in your routine.
    2. Fresh out of the shower, slather on a scented body lotion to not only lock in the fragrance you applied in the shower, but also to lock in the moisture you just introduced to your skin. This is very beneficial to scent layering because fragrance molecules will cling to the oils in the lotion along with the moisture on your skin. The result in a longer lasting scent.
    3. Next up, apply your favorite body oil to lock everything in. This can be fragranced or fragrance-free, but always make sure this is your last step. While you want to apply stronger or heavier scents first, you always want to make sure you apply heavier product formats last because the lightweight products will soak in faster.
    4. This fourth step is completely optional, but you can wrap up your routine with your favorite body mist, perfume oil or eau de parfum.

    Scents That Pair Well Together:

    Ozonic Aquatics - Black Tide & Lagoona

    If you enjoy sunny, oceanic, and clean scents, Saltair’s ozonic aquatic fragrances–Black Tide, Lagoona, and Seascape–are a great place to start when layering. We recommend pairing our Black Tide Body Wash with our Lagoona Body Lotion and wrapping up your routine with the best selling Seascape Skincare Deodorant to prevent odor and allow your new fragrance to shine through. If three scents seem a bit overwhelming for you, feel free to substitute our Lagoona or Black Tide Skincare Deodorants for the same beachy effect.

    Warm and Creamy - Santal Bloom & Pink Beach

    Calling all warm fragrance lovers! Saltair’s warm and creamy Santal Bloom and Pink Beach fragrances are for you. To create a long lasting and intense impression of our best selling fragrance pair the Santal Bloom Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Skincare Deodorant. Leave it as is for a warm and irresistible smell that lasts all day long, or finish up this routine with the Pink Beach Body Oil to tie in a creamy coconut note that is sure to take you on a relaxing island getaway.

    Juicy Tropics - Exotic Pulp & Lush Greens

    Those that prefer tangy and energetic scents will love layering Saltair’s Exotic Pulp and Lush Greens. For a scent bursting with juicy notes you’ll love layering Lush Greens Body Wash with the Exotic Pulp Body Lotion along with the Exotic Pulp Skincare Deodorant. If you prefer the smell of tropical forests, try pairing the Exotic Pulp Body Wash with the Lush Greens Body Lotion and Lush Greens Skincare Deodorant.

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