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  • What Does Damage Repair Shampoo Do?

    A damage repair shampoo not only gently cleanses hair and scalp but helps prevent and repair hair damage by improving the lubricity of hair and building broken ionic and covalent bonds. Hair can become damaged from thermal stress, environmental stress, and chemical stress. This damage translates to negative chemical changes to the hair structure and integrity that can be seen and felt by consumers - brittle, dry, dull hair that is prone to frizz and split ends. A damage repair shampoo helps defend against further damage to hair while restoring the visual and sensorial aspects of hair.

    Can Damage Repair Shampoo Help All Hair Types?

    Damage repair shampoos can be beneficial to all hair types. These shampoos are formulated with ingredients that adhere to damaged sites on the hair, seal down the hair cuticle, and build broken ionic and covalent bonds. The results are stronger, more elastic hair that is less prone to breakage - beneficial to all hair types.

    How Long Does It Take For Damage Repair Shampoo to Strengthen Hair?

    You can expect some degree of improvement after a single use of a damage repair shampoo but hair will show further improvement with additional washes. Look for damage repair shampoos that speak to bond building. Hair strength and structure comes from bonds within the hair cortex including disulfide bonds so repairing these bonds will help restore strength and elasticity. Our Recover and Restore Damage Repair Shampoo contains a Bond Multiplier Complex that focuses on these broken covalent bonds to help restore weak ionic bonds. To maximize the benefits, follow up with a damage repair conditioner. Conditioners have more cationic and conditioning agents. Leave the conditioner on for 5 minutes to further improve the hair or include a damage repair mask once a week as a treatment.

    Can Damage Repair Shampoo Work for Hair Damaged by Heat?

    Heat from styling products such as blow dryers and flat irons can cause damage to the keratin protein in hair. The keratin protein upon exposure to heat can change from an alpha-keratin to a beta-keratin structure along with protein denaturation leading to weaker and less elastic hair. After losing its strength, hair is more prone to breakage from combing. Tip: don’t straighten wet hair as it will lead to more significant hair damage and structural changes. The water under the cuticles turns to steam with the addition of high temperatures and can cause bubbles along the hair shaft that are irreversible. Damage repair shampoos can help increase the elasticity and strength of hair that has been compromised due to heat styling. Our Recover and Restore Damage Repair Shampoo contains a Bond Multiplier Complex that helps covalently bond amino acids and keratin fragments including disulfide linkages. Bond building helps strengthen the hair again to repair and prevent damage. It also helps hair repel moisture that can cause hair swelling, leading to frizz and additional damage.

    Can a Damage Repair Shampoo Help to Repair Color Damaged Hair?

    Damage repair shampoo is especially good for those with color treated hair. It can help your color last longer while repairing damage caused during the hair coloring process. The coloring process results in oxidative damage to the hair, breaking disulfide bonds and causing protein loss. Bond building ingredients often found in damage repair shampoos can rebuild some of the broken bonds restoring hair strength. They can also contain ingredients to seal down the hair cuticle helping maintain hair color longer and prevent water from penetrating the hair shaft. Some damage repair shampoos are formulated at a low or acidic pH which reduces the negative electric charge of the hair fibers and therefore friction between hair strands. This is important because friction can lead to cuticle damage and fiber breakage, baring the hair shaft where the color resides and leading to color fading.

    Before And After Using Damage Repair Shampoo & Conditioner:

    Reading the Label

    Our Recover and Restore Damage Repair Shampoo addresses hair damage from several angles to better restore the look and feel of your hair.

    • Sulfate-free surfactants: a blend of surfactants that cleanse without stripping hair of natural lipids.
    • Polyquaternium-7: a highly cationic polymer that attaches to damaged hair sites improving both wet and dry properties of the hair.
    • Ulva Lactuca Extract, Spirulina Platensis Extract, and Laminaria Digitata Extract: marine extracts rich in polysaccharides or long chain sugars known for their moisture binding properties.
    • Bond Multiplier Complex: Restores hair to a hydrophobic state enhancing smoothness while minimizing future damage to hair strands. Features a fermented bond building molecule that covalently bonds amino acids including reforming broken disulfide bonds. A bond multiplier that increases hair strength reducing breakage, improving shine, and helping retain color treatment in color-treated hair.
    • Uniquely formulated at an acidic pH of 4. Low pH shampoos reduce the negative electrical charge of the hair surface and therefore generates less negative static electricity and frizz than more alkaline shampoos.
    • Pairs well with Recover and Restore Damage Repair Conditioner that features additional cationic conditioning agents to soften and smooth strands

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